“Dragos Lungu Piano School” Association

We are a non-profit, apolitical organization founded by professionals in order to establish a private school music education through hiring, promoting and supporting children and young people with artistic potential. The objectives are teaching instrument piano and other instruments as an alternative to leisure, to sensitize youth guidance, integration and their development as well as improving the musical aspect of their special skills in preparation for a performance level .
In fulfilling these goals, our association study aims at creating spaces, properly equipped, purchasing tools and materials necessary to carry out the proposed documentation, as well as an ensemble of orchestra. We also propose building a playground for children in the association.
We plan to go to fulfill the purpose of our association by establishing contacts with other non-profit associations, in order to diversify extracurricular interests: auditions, recitals, productions, concerts and competitions. Also we propose partnerships with the City Council Bacau, Bacau County Council, City Bacau Philharmonic Orchestra “Mihail Jora” Bacau Philharmonic in Romania and abroad, theaters, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and any other public and private institutions. In addition we consider that the purpose of our training activities for young people from the association, promoting them in non conventional spaces: outdoor performances, parks, stadiums, resorts, camps artistic activities for the purpose of the proposed project cost effectiveness.
The main objective of our association is to identify the intention of involving the discovery and availability of many young talented and artistic potential.