Gabriel Lungu – Secretary



Born on 26th of April 1985 in Bacau, into a musician family, his father Octav Lungu, was a good instrumentalist and an accordion teacher at Folk Art School of Bacau. Even from childhood, he showed a great disposition to music. At the age of five, he started studying the accordion, then at the age of seven, the cello at “George Apostu” National College of Arts of Bacau in Mr. Codrin Stan’ s class. He studied cello until 2000, when he was admitted to high school and felt a  greater attraction to contrabass. In 2000-2004, he studied contrabass in Mr. Stelian-Dima Resmerita’s class. Then he attended “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca’s contrabass class with Professor Liviu Moga. During high school and Music Academy, he participated in various cultural activities and concerts. He achieved diplomas as a contrabassist in many competitions and was part of the Music Academy Orchestra with which he performed concerts both in the country and abroad.

He currently works as a contrabass teacher at “George Apostu” National College of Arts of Bacau and as a collaborator of “Mihail Jora” Philharmonic of Bacau, as a contrabassist. He performed concerts both in Bacau at the Athenaeum Hall and abroad along with the Philharmonic.