Dragos Lungu

He was born on November 25, 1982 in Bacau.Incepe studying piano at age seven years as a student of the National College of Arts “G.Apostu” in Bacau piano class of Prof. Gabriela, Mrs. Cornelia Dumitriu under the guidance acesteia. In 1997 graduated from the primary and secondary National College of Arts “G.Apostu” that four years later in 2001 to become a high school graduate.

Over twelve years in the National College of Arts “G.Apostu” Dragos Lungu takes part in various recitals, auditions, festivals and national and international competitions where he obtained good results that compliments pianist career. Goes in a series of tournaments in the country and abroad where he gained success as a pianist.
In 2001 is admitted as a student of the Academy of Music “G.Dima” Cluj-Napoca piano class lect.univ.Mihaela Spiridon where he improves the quality of pianist. During college he is also working with Mrs. Prof. Ph.D. Adriana Bera.
In 2003-2004 attented a course in Holland Rotterdam where he was  in contact with several professors of piano and concert to mark the Conservative end of the course where the conservatory orchestra plays concert piano and orchestra E.Grieg in the minor.
Long faculty support piano recitals in different cities and a piano concert with orchestra Music Academy “G.Dima” in Cluj-Napoca. Philharmonic plays in the company “Mihail Jora” of Bacau concert for piano and orchestra in A minor op.54 no.1 Robert Schumann.Isi infinteaza and a trio together with two other fellow students that sing dealt with different performances, recitals and auditions.
Dragos Lungu is currently professor of piano at the National College of Arts “G.Apostu” in Bacau where they operate with grades I-XII students and supporters Philharmonic concerts with different country.